Soup's On!

Make a meal to bring people together.

Nov 28, 2012



one year old girl eat by herself

Nov 28, 2012

What you need:

  • Stone Soup, by Jon J Muth (optional) 
  • Paper 
  • Crayons and/or markers 

Reading tips:

1. In this folktale, three monks entice frightened villagers to make soup from stones. The villagers discover that when they give, they receive much more in return.

2. As you read the story with your child, encourage him to predict what will happen next. What does he think the villagers will do when they see the monks making soup from stones? What will they do when their neighbors start bringing carrots and onions for the soup?

3. Invite your child to think of other foods that could be added to the soup.

4. After you finish reading, ask your child what he thinks will happen after the monks have left the village. Will the villagers go back to their old ways, or will they continue to share?

To extend the reading:

1. How well do you know your neighbors? With your child, create a plan to get to know them better. Maybe a picnic or potluck dinner? How about a block cleanup or beautification project? 

2. Write your ideas down and select one or two to try. Enlist a neighbor to help!

3. Versions of this folktale are found in many cultures. On your next trip to the library, see if you can find different versions of it.

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