Make a "How Do Dinosaurs" Get Well Card

Have your child make a get well card that's inspired by the book "How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?"



Make a "How Do Dinosaurs" Get Well Card

The prehistoric dinos in Jane Yolen's How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? don't enjoy being under the weather. Use this book as a conversation-starter with your child (who may also dislike being sick) to talk about ways to avoid being sick, and actions we can take to feel better afterward. Then, keep the learning going by having your child make a get-well card. 

What You Need

 Reading Tips

  1. The first half of this book describes dinosaurs that do not behave the way they should in order to get well. But their behavior improves considerably in the second half.
  2. As you read the book together, ask your child to suggest better ways for the dinosaurs to behave. You can also connect the story to your child's own life. What does she do when she gets sick?
  3. You might also want to use this story as an opportunity to explain to your child (at a time when she is not sick) why it's important to do certain things to get well soon — like taking medicine, using a hankie, and drinking juice.

Extend the Reading — Make a Get-Well Card! 

  1. Make a get-well card! If your child does not have any friends or relatives who are not feeling well, he could make a card for a stuffed animal or imaginary friend.
  2. Use crayons and markers to draw pictures on the card. These can be pictures of ways the friend can get well, or simply pictures that might cheer him up.
  3. For a finishing touch, glue pieces of tissue paper around the edge of the card.
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