Essential References

Stock up on the key tools to tackle middle school's tough homework assignments and research reports.



Essential References

The Elements of Style
 by William Strunk, Jr. and E. B. White
If you have an aspiring writer or advanced student at home, invest in this classic great-writing guide. It's perfect for grownups too!

Everything You Need to Know . . . Homework Help Set 
[featured: Math]
These handy reference books offer at-your-fingertips support for subjects including math, science, English, geography, and world and American history.

Gods, Goddesses, and Monsters: A Book of World Mythology by Sheila Keenan
Your child will meet the divine, heroic, and unknown in this introduction to world myths.

Merriam-Webster's Intermediate Dictionary
Especially designed for students in grades 6–8, this makes a great choice to keep kids on level.

The New Book of Knowledge from Grolier
Enter a universe of knowledge with 24 volumes of designed-for-kids information.

Scholastic Atlas of the World by Philip Steele and Kelly Miles
Enrich and expand your child's geographical and cultural knowledge with a book that features 80 maps, hundreds of photos, and thousands of statistics.

Scholastic Dictionary of Spelling by Marvin Terban
A great learning companion for struggling spellers and word-wizards alike!

The Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary by Sue Young
Help your student through poetry assignments and more with this unique guide.

Scholastic Student Thesaurus by John K. Pollard
Developing writing and referencing skills, this writing tool features on-the-page indexes that make it easy for kids to use.

Scholastic Kid's Almanac
Stay up-to-date with cool facts, figures, and the quick information your child can use for reports and more.

Webster's New World Foreign Language Dictionaries 
[featured: French]
Support language learning with these student-friendly references your child can use to translate from English or look up an unfamiliar word.

Writing With Style
by Sue Young
Tips on editing, reviewing, and polishing writing help kids grow into stronger writers.

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