Build a 4th Grade Reading List For Your Growing Reader

Keep your 4th grader engaged during the summer with a reading list. Use these suggestions to build a list that caters to your child&s interests.

Nov 06, 2012



Nov 06, 2012

By the time your child has finished 3rd grade, it’s probably become clear what kind of a reader she is. Whether she’s an independent reader that devours all words in sight or a reluctant reader that needs coaxing with every page, it’s always a good idea to partner up and create a reading list for summer break. This will keep your child’s reading skills sharp through the summer months in anticipation of the more advanced reading requirements. Use these suggestions to create a 4th grade reading list that is catered to your child’s specific interests:


  • Potter All the Time
    For independent readers, every 4th grade reading list begins and ends with Harry Potter. But what if your child has burned through all seven volumes twice? Check out our fantasy fixes for Potter fans to keep your magic maven satisfying through the summer. 


  • Books for Boys
    If your boy is reading averse, building a successful 4th grade reading list becomes trickier. Tales of adventure and intrigue that place a premium on fun can keep a struggling reader turning the pages. From the time-traveling hilarity of Jon Scieszka to the spine-tingling tales of creepmaster R. L. Stine, these books for reluctant readers will offer a gateway to reading for pleasure.  


  • 4th Grade Something
    A reading list is the perfect opportunity to introduce your child to the wonders of Judy Blume. Wise, funny, and eminently accessible, Blume’s books create invaluable opportunities for you to bond with your kids over books — because odds are you read them as a 4th grader yourself! And if you happened to miss them back in the day, start a summer parent-child book club and read them together! 


  • I SPY!
    Finally, for an interactive book experience that might just prove to get the most reluctant reader hooked on books, try Walter Wick and Jean Marzollo’s I SPY series. Fantastic photos and rhyming riddles are the perfect summer vacation reading adventure. Careful, they’re addictive! 
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