WordGirl's Word of the Week: Recreation

What&s better than a week of recreation with WordGirl&s Word of the Week?

By Brian Kraker
Aug 20, 2013



WordGirl's Word of the Week: Recreation

Aug 20, 2013

There isn’t much time for rest and relaxation for a superhero. So, with her hometown constantly under attack by a slew of villains, it’s safe to say that WordGirl doesn’t have a lot of free time for her new Word of the Week: recreation.

As summer break begins to wind down, use this as the perfect opportunity to teach your child about recreation (noun), an activity done for enjoyment when one’s not working. Help your children turn their favorite recreational activities into learning activities with WordGirl’s new Word of the Week.

Activity 1: Read about recreation. Help your children learn about their new Word of the Week with books centered on recreation. If they need to cool off from the summer heat, try one of these titles about skiing and snowboarding. Or, if your children love the outdoors, try introducing them to these summer camp classics. Try to find a book focused on your children’s favorite recreational activities to help them learn about their Word of the Week.

Activity 2: Try a new hobby. It’s easy for kids to get set in their ways and not be open to new ideas. So, celebrate this Word of the Week by trying a new recreational activity with your child. Take advantage of the summer and plan an afternoon kayaking trip with your children or a hike at a local park. Try taking your children on a fishing trip or plan a day of horseback riding at a local stable. There are plenty of new adventures for you and your children to experience with this Word of the Week.

Activity 3: Encourage your kids to write about their favorite recreational activity. If your children need a break from their favorite activities, give them this writing prompt to help them learn more about their Word of the Week. Have your children write about their favorite recreational activity. Encourage them to include the steps involved in the activity, such as the rules to playing soccer or the steps needed to fly a kite. Also encourage your children to include why this activity is their favorite. Then, find time to share everyone’s writing.

Activity 4: Create a mural of your children’s favorite hobbies. After spending time doing their favorite activity, encourage your children to create a mural of their hobbies. If your children are artistic, they might already be digging through their art supplies. Encourage them to draw or paint themselves performing different parts of their favorite recreational activity or create a mural of all the activities they take part in. As an extra challenge, task your children with finding pictures of celebrities performing their favorite recreational activity in a magazine and include these images in their mural.

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