Start a Conversation About Friendship Using This Printable

Start a discussion with your child about what it means to be a good friend with this friendship-inspired word search.

By Christie Burnett
Jul 31, 2017



Start a Conversation About Friendship Using This Printable

Jul 31, 2017

As parents, helping our children to navigate friendships is an ongoing task. While we might spend their toddler and preschool years helping our children learn to take turns and share, the school years can often feel like a turbulent sea of friendship highs and lows with a whole different level of complexity.

Let this friendship word search printable invite discussion with your child about the personal qualities that are important to being a good friend. As he completes the word search, you might ask him to share: 

  • What he thinks each word means.
  • Why each of these qualities is important to friendship.
  • An example of a time that he, or a friend, demonstrated each quality in action.
  • Which three qualities he thinks are the most important.

To get started, print a copy of the word search. Then, have him choose a pen or highlighter, and start searching. The words run across, down, and diagonally and may overlap. Words can be circled or highlighted as found.


Once he's done, you might also like to invite your child to make a list of each of great friendship qualities he feels he and his best friends possess. Then see if there are any words you would add to the list.

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