9 Diverse Superhero Books for Kids

These titles show that you can be any size, race, or gender, and still be a superhero.

By Allison McDonald
May 12, 2016



9 Diverse Superhero Books for Kids

May 12, 2016

This summer, the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge has a superhero theme, because as we all know reading gives you superpowers. The thing is that those superpowers can be really strong (if a child loves reading and reads often), but they can also be kind of dormant —  superpowers that a reading hero hasn’t yet discovered.

Good news for parents: You can help bring out the sleeping superpowers with just the right books. How? Because one of the best ways kids make connections with books is to see themselves and their life reflected in them. This is just one reason why we need diversity in books. Diverse books don’t just act as a window to the world — they're a mirror that reflects our own life.

This list isn’t a list of unlikely superheroes, because as we all know (though the movies might show you otherwise), being powerful doesn’t have to mean looking like a man of steel. You can be any size, gender, race, or speak any language and still have great superpowers. Now, read, read, read and away!

Check out these nine diverse superhero books for kids. (And one bonus book at the end!)

The Adventures of Sparrowboy by Brian Pinkney

Nikki Powergloves - A Hero is Born by David Estes

Superhero by Marc Tauss

I Am Truly by Kelly Greenawalt

The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale

Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Takes Off by Jacqueline Jules

The Purim Superhero by Elisabeth Kushner

My Mom Has X-Ray Vision by Angela McAllister

Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod

BONUS BOOK!!!: My First Book Of Girl Power by Julie Merberg

If you have a great title that would fit on this list, tell us about it on our Scholastic Parents Facebook Page.

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