5 Book Series That Will Take Your Child on a Time-Traveling Adventure

Travel to a whole new dimension…without leaving home.

By Christie Burnett
Apr 23, 2018



If your child likes to read science fiction, adventure, or historical fiction, why not catapult her into a new dimension with a little time travel! Inspired by our recent enjoyment of the A Wrinkle in Time, here are five more time travel-themed book series to explore.

1. A list about time travel books for kids would not be complete without mention of The Magic Treehouse series by Mary Pope Osborne. This classic series takes children on an adventure to a new time and place with each book — from prehistoric dinosaur times to ancient Egypt and everywhere (and every time!) in between. Start with the first book in the series: Dinosaurs Before Dark

2. Three middle schoolers head back in time through a time travel portal in a mysterious book in Nicholas O. Time’s In Due Time series. In the first book in the series, Going, Going, Gone, the trio head back to the 1950s to see if they can change family history — but will changing the past effect have the positive effect on the future that they hope for?

3. Time travel for the graphic novel lover, The Wrong Wrights is the first in the Secret Smithsonian Adventures series by Chris Kientz. It follows the adventure of four schoolmates whose school field trip turns into a fight to restore the history of aviation.

4. The Time Hunters by Carl Ashmore is book one in a time travel series packed with fast-paced action, adventure, and mystery. Becky and Joe aren’t thrilled to be sent to spend the Summer with crazy Uncle Percy until they discover he is actually a time traveller on the hunt for the legendary Golden Fleece.

5. Jake’s parents have disappeared and they could be anywhere in the world — in place and time! So begins the engaging and entertaining The History Keepers: The Storm Begins by Damian Dibben. Can Jake travel through history to find his parents and save the world?

Do you have a favorite time travel series? We’d love you to share your suggestions over on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page.

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