12 Books for Animal-Loving Kids

Whether your child loves reading about monstrous sharks or minuscule mice, these titles are perfect for the animal-lover in your home.

By Amy Mascott
May 23, 2016



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May 23, 2016

One thing that parents should always keep in mind when identifying books for their child is that it is key to play on their child’s interests.

Maybe your child loves to travel, or maybe he’s totally into crafts. Maybe magic is her thing, or maybe she loves softball.  

Whatever floats his or her boat, find books that support that interest. Do what you can to create a literate environment full of books, magazines, guides, and articles about that topic. 

So speaking of specific interests ... do you have an animal-loving child on your hands? If so, we’re willing to bet that your little monkey will go bananas over these books which cover a wide range of animal-focused interests from extreme animals to albino animals, from the smallest to the smartest animals. We even found a book for your child about animals that need a little more love.


Check these 12 books for animal-loving kids:

Lies (People Believe) About Animals by Susan Sussman and Robert James

Amazing Animal Facts by Jacqui Bailey

Teeny Tiny Animals by Lexi Ryals

Extreme Animals by Kris Hirschmann

Albino Animals by Kelly Milner Halls

Animal Smarts by Sylvia Funston

True Tales of Animal Heroes by Allan Zullo

Awesome Animals by Mary Packard

Animals Nobody Loves by Seymour Simon

Animal Dazzlers by Sneed B. Collard III

Animal Masterminds by Catherine Nichols

Extreme Animals by Nicola Davies

What would you add to this list? What are your animal-lover’s favorite animal-focused reads? Share your ideas on the Scholastic Parents Facebook page.

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