Silly Stories Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood

Exploring the forest and avoiding a wolf, Little Red has transformed and inspired tales of her adventures with these new titles for your child.

May 20, 2019



Silly Stories Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood

May 20, 2019
Did you grow up reading the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood, a hungry wolf, and a sick grandma? Share this timeless fairy tale with your child, but with a few twists in the mix! Introduce your little one to a lion, a few fairies, and even a duck with these titles ranging from pre-reader to early elementary — all inspired by the original story of Little Red herself. Your child can explore the winding trails of these courageous characters, and follow along with new vocabulary, enjoy rhyming patterns, and read one bilingual version. And for more Little Red Riding Hood fun, share this printable maze with your explorer to find her own path. 

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